Scuba Diving again after a long break

Scuba Diving again after a long break

Life may have taken you away from the underwater world, or perhaps you chose to take a deliberate break. First thing you need to know, the ocean missed you as much as you did, and it awaits you with open arms! Embarking on a scuba diving journey after a prolonged break can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. No worries though, getting back into scuba diving is much like riding a bike and with a bit of preparation and self-assessment, you'll soon rediscover the magic!

Scuba diver at Chumphon pinnacle, Koh Tao. Thailand

  • Some dive centers will suggest a refresher if you haven’t been diving in six months, especially if you have less than 20-lifetime dives. If you have an extensive diving history, then you may not need to consider a refresher unless it’s been a year or more since your last dives.


Here are a few things you might want or have to do before you go:


Do you remember how to dive?

Especially if you were a fairly new diver before your break, it's common to forget some basics. Take advantage of your access to the Open Water Diver course manual on your PADI account; it's wise to give it a read!

PADI Open Water Diver eLearning 

PADI has programs to assist you in getting back into the groove:


The Refresher course

If you feel confident about theory but want a quick review, the refresher course typically revisits essential skills like mask clearing, regulator recovery, air sharing, and buoyancy! It's customizable to your preferences, allowing practice on specific skills you feel need a bit more attention. PADI instructor will reintroduce you to all the basic notions and safety procedures you need to be familiar with when going diving. You will feel safe and ready for your next scuba diving adventure!

PADI Refresher Course -Students practicing skills

The PADI ReActivate program

Designed for those wanting to brush up on their diving know-how and skills, especially if it's been a while since their first certification, this all-encompassing course provides a user-friendly eLearning session that can be done from the comfort of home. Once the online knowledge reviews are conquered, it's time for the in-water adventure. Successfully wrapping it up earns you a ReActivate certification e-card, conveniently accessible on your PADI app.

Consider taking a Diving course

Why not take a course you've been eyeing as a smooth reintroduction? Engage your mind in diving with an instructor readily available for questions. The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course not only facilitates a seamless reintegration but also allows you to regain your diving rhythm and earn a certification! Ensure you communicate any concerns or discomfort to your dive instructor. They'll appreciate your openness and be more attentive to your needs! Open communication is key to a safe and pleasant dive!

Check your diving equipment

Give your diving gear some love after being stored away for over a year! Ensure everything is in top shape and ready for action.

  • Inspect masks, snorkels, fins, and wetsuits for wear and tear.
  • Have regulators and BCDs professionally inspected and serviced.
  • Check your dive computer's batteries to avoid low power during a dive.
  • Ensure your camera or Go-Pro is ready to go: Check chargers, o-rings, and overall condition. Verify that SD cards have enough space and are undamaged.


Scuba diver surrounded by fish in Koh Tao 

Make sure you're still medically fit

Remember that PADI medical form you filled out before any dive training? It's time for a quick revisit. Go through the yes/no questions about various health conditions and check if any answers have changed since your last dive. Make sure you can confidently answer “No” to everything. If there's a “Yes,” it doesn't necessarily mean you can't dive. However, you'll need to consult a physician for a medical evaluation and obtain written permission to dive.


Happy divers, Koh Tao. Thailand

Contact us for your next Koh Tao diving adventure; it's time to get wet again, and the fish are waiting!

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