Lighthouse Bay Dive Site in Koh Tao

A fishtastic dive site suitable for divers of all levels

  • Travel Time: 25 minutes
  • Location: North eastern point of Koh Tao
  • Depth: 3m – 14 m.
  • Type of site: Sheltered bay
  • Level: All diver levels
  • Conditions: Flat almost all year, with light currents possible
  • Average Visibility: 5-30 meters

Sea turtle munching on coral at Lighthouse dive site. Koh Tao, Thailand


Lighthouse Bay offers diverse diving experiences, with an average maximum depth of 12-14 meters, making it suitable for both training and leisure dives. The bay features a shallow dive area with vibrant coral displays, while the northern rocks boast extensive boulder formations, attracting experienced divers. Keep in mind that occasional currents may be encountered past the headland.

Anemone fish playing hide and seek, Lighthouse bay dive site. Koh Tao

The underwater world along the rock wall at Lighthouse showcases Koh Tao's most diverse hard and soft corals, creating a stunning display between 5 and 14 meters deep. Toadstool soft corals, Barrel Sponges, Christmas Tree Worms, massive Mottled corals, and staghorn corals adorn the area, forming a lively ecosystem teeming with marine life. This includes hundreds of Damsel fish, Sergeant Majors, Weibels Butterflyfish, Lined Butterflyfish, Beaked Coral Fish, various colorful Parrotfish, Red Breasted Wrasse, and the One Spotted Snapper.

Scorpionfish at Lighthouse Bay dive site . Koh Tao

In the shallower waters (3 to 6 meters deep), a vast field of hard corals becomes a bustling hub for smaller coral fish and a regular dining spot for turtles. Occasionally, a visiting Black Tip Reef Shark may venture this far north on the island. Amidst the rock crevices, you'll find crabs, moray eels, and an array of shrimps, such as ghost shrimps and Durban dancing shrimps. Schools of mackerel and fusiliers, both large and small, swim around the rock formations, with king mackerels often spotted hunting in this lively underwater environment. Small schools of yellowtail barracudas add to the excitement.

Ghost shrimp at Lighthouse Bay dive site. Koh Tao


Lighthouse Bay is a fantastic dive site suitable for divers of all levels, including Discover Scuba Divers. This spot never fails to surprise us!

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Happy divers in Koh Tao. Thailand

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