Laem Thien Dive Site in Koh Tao

Laem Thian, the spot that packs a punch!

  • Travel time: 20 minutes
  • Location: East coast of Koh Tao
  • Depth: 3m – 35 meters
  • Type of site: Big boulders, swim-through.
  • Level: All diver levels
  • Conditions: Generally good
  • Average Visibility: 5 -30m
divers at Laem Thien dive site, Koh Tao

Laem Thian is a dive site that truly has something special for everyone, making it one of our favorites! The underwater topography there is nothing short of awesome!

What sets Laem Thian dive site apart

What makes Laem Thian dive site truly exceptional is its dual personality, offering two distinct areas, Laem Thian Bay and Laem Thian Caves, that cater to divers of varying experience levels.

divers in clear waters of Laem Thien dive site in Koh Tao

The southern part, right by the beach, serves as a training ground for new divers. It boasts shallow depths, ranging from 3 to 15 meters, providing the ideal environment for those taking their initial underwater steps, making it perfect for the Discover Scuba Diving program.

Blue Ringed Angelfish Koh Tao, Thailand


If you're a more experienced diver seeking thrills, all you need to do is turn the corner, and a whole new world of adventure opens up, offering you the opportunity to explore depths of about 18-20 meters with ease.

cavern diver at Laem Thien dive site

Here, you'll discover an exciting topography, with clusters of massive boulders forming a captivating maze of cave-like swim-throughs, that are an absolute blast for exploration.

swim Through at Liam Thian dive site, Koh Tao. Thailand

The primary caves here kick off at around 20 meters deep, offering an exciting underwater playground with different ups and downs to explore.

And while you're exploring, make sure not to miss the 'Boom Boom Room' swim-through. Inside this cavern, you'll feel the water surge with wave energy, creating a sensation akin to big bass drops that's guaranteed to get your excitement soaring! And if you're up for some deep dive training, you can even dive down to +35 meters in the sandy bottom.

Within the shallow waters and amidst the granite boulders, a diverse array of hard corals thrives, providing shelter not only to the abundant reef fish commonly found around Koh Tao but also to marine life relatively unique to this area.

Here, you can encounter the Orange-Spine Unicornfish and the Bumphead Parrotfish. This spot is a bustling underwater world, hosting an array of marine life. You can encounter a variety of Groupers, schools of Jacks, blue Spotted Stingrays, curious moray eels, Harlequin Sweetlips, Batfish, Cobia, sneaky Banded Sea Krait, Scribbled fish and the very infamous Titan Triggerfish.

Every now and then, you might even catch a glimpse of a passing Black Tip Reef Shark. Keep your eyes peeled for the local Green Turtle gliding by. And for those who love the tiny critters, Laem Thian is a paradise with its high density of macro life!

Pipefish at Laem Thien dive site, Koh Tao



Laem Thian is a dive site that truly offers something special for everyone, and that's why it's one of our all-time favorites! The underwater topography in this area is absolutely awesome!

Happy diver at Laem Thian , Koh Tao. Thailand


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