How to write a CV as a dive instructor?

How to write a CV as a dive instructor?

Congrats on becoming a PADI Dive Instructor! Now, you're probably wondering how to create a CV for diving jobs. Like any other job, your resume is essential for showcasing your skills and experience to potential employers. Yet, writing a scuba diving CV differs slightly from regular resumes. Whether you're new to the industry or have years of experience, learning from other's experiences can help you create a standout diving resume.

We've gathered insights from three experienced dive professionals at Coral Grand Divers to help your scuba diving CV shine. Learn from Elise, David, and Cris about showcasing your diving and non-diving skills, tailoring your CV, and embracing your uniqueness to secure your dream scuba job.


Let's start with advice from Elise, PADI Master Instructor and the General Manager at Coral Grand Divers. Elise, having reviewed numerous CVs, possesses a keen eye for what truly matters! 


Finding Your Perfect Dive Role

Elise emphasizes the importance of selecting scuba diving jobs that resonate with you. She advises, "Apply for positions that match your skill set, personality, and career aspirations. Avoid sending generic applications to every company. Each diving company is unique, so take the time to set goals, create a growth plan, and conduct thorough research."

Along with other employers, Elise values personalized applications. "A simple 'Hello Coral Grand Divers' demonstrates research, while a generic 'To whom it may concern' lacks personalization. We highly regard individuals who show commitment and dedication by taking the time to understand our company culture," she explains.

Think outside the box

Get creative with your CV! "It might not catch attention if it's just black-and-white text. Find a design that stands out and immediately draws attention to the key information. 
Hey, Have you ever considered submitting a video version of your CV or an interactive visual version? If you're already on-site, why not take it up a notch and laminate your creative CV before handing it in? It's a small detail that could make a big impact!"  These tricks are honestly effective in making you stand out from the crowd!

Craft Your Skills Package

Make a lasting impression on potential employers by showcasing your essential skills and the extra flair you bring to the table. "Whether it's photography, social media expertise, or teaching experience, emphasize how your unique talents can help market and grow the Dive Center business. Don't underestimate your achievements; spin them into compelling selling points, demonstrating your value as an invaluable asset to any company".


Next to sharing their insights on crafting a stellar CV is David AKA Mister 5-star. David is our Diving Staff Leader and has extensive experience as a PADI Dive instructor. 


Make it Personal

David advises including a photo on your diving CV. While it's not about looks, having a photo, preferably smiling or at least appearing approachable, can create a subconscious rapport or bond with the employer. It adds a personal touch to your application, helping the employer to visualize you as part of their team.


Avoid Spelling Errors

He says, "Typos can occur, and while we're teaching scuba, not language courses, it's good to maintain attention to detail. Suppose your cover letter or CV claims you're focused and meticulous, yet it is riddled with errors. In that case, it sends a contradictory message" Having others review your resume ensures it's polished and error-free, demonstrating your professionalism and dedication.

Your non-diving skills matter

Even if your diving experience is limited or you're new to the instructor role, consider the value of skills from your previous jobs. David advises, "While your diving qualifications are important, highlight other non-diving skills on your CV. Languages spoken are important...Very important! Strong sales record are great too. But it's the less obvious skills that can make you stand out".

Like David, Elise values skills closely related to diving but emphasizes the importance of explaining how these niche skills benefit the employer. She explains, "While skills like photography, equipment handling, compressor handling, and marine biology are truly awesome, having a unique skill set sets you apart. For instance, if you have experience in SEO, web development, or social media marketing, you can help improve the dive business's online presence. A medical background in paramedical or nursing can contribute to health and safety management. Artistic skills can be utilized for designing logos or revamping the dive shop's decor and if you worked in hospitality, it shows you have customer service experience."

David emphasized, "List your most relevant skills for the job or company you're applying to, but also include a brief bullet-point list of 'additional skills' on your CV. Do not hesitate to mention these skills during the interview if they're applicable. Employers may have yet to consider how you could contribute to their company, so do not undersell yourself!"

Cris, our Digital Marketing and Account Coordinator, is our final contributor to the CV tips. With her background as a PADI Dive Instructor and past dive shop management experience, she has seen her fair share of CVs. While her tips may appear straightforward, she notes that many applicants make avoidable mistakes.


Here are her top suggestions:

1. Keep it concise and visually appealing! "If you have less than 10 years of work experience, aim to fit it all on one page: Employers typically spend less than a minute scanning through resumes, so make sure yours clearly communicates your experience and suitability for the role - I often find myself captivated by the creatively designed CVs sent from freshly certified instructors; they make me love their vibes straight away. I frequently forward these impressive resumes to Elise for her to reach out to them."

2. Be honest "If you're not fluent in German, don't claim to teach in German. Similarly, don't exaggerate or falsely claim skills you don't possess! Hey, sooner or later, misrepresenting your skills will lead to trouble!"

3. Stay humble; nobody likes a bragger! "Let your achievements speak for themselves on your CV. Remember, being open to learning new things is key to personal and professional growth."

4. Remember; "For any reason, do not trash-talk your previous employers in your job application or interview. Keeping it positive and professional reflects well on your character and integrity. You wouldn't want potential employers to worry that you might badmouth them in the future. Personally, I find it awful to receive a CV containing such comments, regardless of the candidate's skills and assets... "

5. Don't Believe the Hype: "Dive centers don't always prioritize highly experienced dive instructors. From my experience, some of the best and most dedicated instructors are actually those who are brand new or have only 2 years of teaching experience. So, don't let the number of certifications intimidate you! There's always a dive shop that's a perfect match for your unique skills; it's just about finding the right fit! "


During our PADI IDC at Coral Grand Divers, we offer advice and hacks to help you create a killer diving CV that will help you for scoring that dream dive instructor job!

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