Embark on your scuba diving adventure with ease through PADI eLearning! This cutting-edge platform lets you jumpstart your dive education right from home. Your virtual classroom is accessible on various devices like computers, tablets, or phones.
With PADI eLearning, you have the freedom to conquer the knowledge development phase of your scuba diving course at your own pace. Study whenever and wherever it suits you. The flexibility of e-Learning extends across a diverse range of PADI courses, catering to both recreational and professional levels. 

Completing dive theory before arrival means you won't have to spend any holiday time in a classroom. Instead, you can dive straight into the fun stuff – Scuba diving!

Excited to get started? Let's guide you through the steps to kick off your PADI eLearning experience and set the stage for underwater adventures!


How to start PADI eLearning?

  • When booking a PADI Course with us, whether online or through a deposit, please send an email to Include the First name, Last name, Personal email address, and date of birth (dd/mm/yy) of each participant.

  • Expect your PADI eLearning link directly from PADI via email. If it doesn't appear in your main inbox, check your junk mail.

  • Following that, proceed by following the provided link to create your personalized PADI account. 

Follow the steps below in order to begin your journey into the underwater world

A Few Clicks Away!

Click on the provided link that will direct you to Once there, create a PADI account. Additionally, download PADI Training App from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store (blue icon).

To facilitate a smoother process, save time and trees, please complete the required paperwork online.

The necessary forms include:

•Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability/Statement of Risk and Liability/Non-agency Disclosure Forms

•*Medical Statement/Questionnaire*

*If you answer 'NO' to all the questions then you are OK to start your diving course and there is no need for you to have a medical check.
If you answer 'YES' to any questions, please let us know. In that case, there are some additional questions on page 2 and a medical check-up may be required before starting your course.


•Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding

We trust this has set you on the path to excel in your eLearning endeavors!


Frequently Asked Questions:


The PADI Open Water Diver eLearning is crafted to take approximately 12 to 15 hours for completion.

The Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning typically requires around 6-8 hours.
The Rescue Diver eLearning is estimated to take approximately 10 to 12 hours to complete.
Lastly, for the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care and Specialty Courses eLearning, you can expect to invest approximately 2-5 hours.

Clearing browser cache is the number one fix to troubleshooting eLearning issues. If you are accessing the PADI eLearning materials through a web browser on a pc/laptop try logging out and then clearing your web browser history, cache, cookies. Restart the browser and try once again to see if you are able to proceed.

In the case of E-learning Online, you click on a link on to access your online class whereas, with the Offline learning, you need to download the PADI Training App. The first time you connect to this app, you will need to enter the same login and password as on

To access your eCard(s), ensure you have the PADI App installed. After launching the app, log in with your Single Sign-On email address and password. Select the PADI eCards button, then click on Update. If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the PADI app. Sign in again, click on 'dive,' and then click on eCard.

 While your PADI certification never expires, if it's been a while since your last dive, it's wise to prioritize being over-prepared rather than risking any issues due to forgotten essentials. Consider going through your eLearning knowledge reviews. Additionally, to regain comfort in the water, it's beneficial to schedule a Refresher Course with a dive professional.


PADI eLearning

Should you encounter any challenges, please feel free to reach out.

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