Diving for Families in Koh Tao, Thailand

Diving for Families in Koh Tao, Thailand

Welcome to Koh Tao, the tropical paradise in the Gulf of Thailand, where the magic of underwater exploration isn't just for solo divers or thrill-seekers anymore. Now, it's become the perfect spot for families to dive into adventure together and create unforgettable memories beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Beautiful aerial view of Koh Nangyuan

Ready to plunge into a laid-back and family-friendly adventure ?

Family-Friendly Dive Sites:

We are lucky to have more than 25 dive sites that cater to divers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. From peaceful shallow bays, perfect for those just starting their underwater journey, to thrilling deep pinnacles that'll challenge even the most experienced divers—Koh Tao has it all. With this variety, every diver, regardless of expertise, can discover their ideal underwater adventure in this tropical paradise.


Let's shine a spotlight on our five favorite spots crafted just for beginners and our littlest explorers!


Sea turtle in Koh Tao, Thailand


Mango Bay: Known for its calm waters and vibrant marine life, Mango Bay is an excellent choice for beginners. The bay is shallow and provides a relaxed environment for divers to explore.

Aow Leuk: This bay offers a mix of shallow and deeper areas, making it suitable for both beginners and more experienced divers. It's known for its coral gardens and diverse marine species.

Tanote Bay: With its clear waters and gradual depth, Tanote Bay is often favored by beginner divers. The bay is also known for its beautiful coral formations.

Japanese Garden: Renowned for its picturesque coral formations and diverse marine life, Japanese Garden is a popular choice for divers of all levels. The shallow areas make it especially suitable for beginners.

Laem Thian: Offering a unique underwater landscape, Laem Thian is characterized by rocky formations and shallow coral gardens. It's a great spot for both beginner and intermediate divers.


Scuba Courses for the Young and older Ones:

Kids having fun in the pool during their Bubblemaker program in Koh Tao, Thailand

Dive into a world of possibilities for your young and older ones! Whether they're bubbling with excitement at age 8, eager for our Bubblemaker programs, hitting double digits and ready to explore with our Discover Scuba Diving Program, or dreaming of becoming certified divers through our empowering Junior Open Water Diver Courses – we've curated tailor-made adventures! These initiatives promise a safe and enjoyable introduction to the wonders beneath the surface. With our expert instructors guiding the way, the focus is on building confidence and igniting a passion for the oceans!

father and daughter enjoying their diving in Koh Tao. Thailand


Elevate your family vacation on Koh Tao by transforming it into a diving family affair. Consider taking the life-changing step of enrolling yourselves and your teen, aged 15 years and above, in the PADI Open Water Diver Course. It's an experience that promises fishtastic moments and a deep connection to the underwater world!


Happy family during their PADI Open Water Diver Course in Koh Tao, Thailand


Bubblemaker and Discover Scuba Diving mark the beginning of this incredible journey into the wonders beneath the surface. As young divers progress through (Junior) Open Water Diver courses, they undergo a transformation into passionate ocean ambassadors!


Kid and mum diving with a Whale Shark in Koh Tao, Thailand


Experience the best of family-friendly diving !

Dive into the family fun with our specially designed packages at Coral Grand Divers, where we've put extra thought into meeting the needs of both parents and kids. Carefully tailored, these packages blend essential training sessions, exciting fun dives, and additional activities to create an experience that's perfect for the entire family.


Happy family ready to scuba dive together in Koh Tao, Thailand

Whether you're seasoned sea explorers or just testing the waters together for the first time, our packages strike the right balance between learning, fun, and creating awesome memories beneath the waves.

Creating Underwater Memories

Capture the magic of your family diving adventures with professional underwater photography or videography available at our dive center. Our top-notch services ensure that your underwater experiences become timeless memories. Document your child's first dive or colorful encounters with marine life, creating a lasting visual diary of your Koh Tao journey. 


Professional videographer services with Coral Grand Divers, Koh Tao. Thailand


Accommodation Options for Diving Families:

Koh Tao offers a variety of family-friendly resorts and bungalows tailored to the specific needs of diving families. Seek accommodations with swimming pool that provide convenient access to the beach and nearby dive centers, while also offering a peaceful environment within walking distance to restaurants and entertainment. Check out Coral Grand Resort and Sairee Hut Resort, both located in the North of Sairee Beach. These options provide close proximity to all amenities while ensuring a tranquil setting for a truly relaxing stay.


Aerial view of Coral Grand Divers Beachfront PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Center- Sairee Beach, Koh Tao.Thailand

Soak in the magic of Koh Tao as the perfect backdrop for your family's incredible underwater journey. Contact us and let's Dive in with a smile and craft unforgettable experiences together!

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