Can I Dive With Contact lenses?

Can I Dive With Contact lenses?

It's a top question for new divers, and it makes sense! Whether you're exploring scuba diving with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving or embarking on the PADI Open Water Diver course in Koh Tao, desiring crystal-clear vision is completely understandable. Wave goodbye to the thought of slipping glasses under your scuba mask – it's a no-go! Instead, opt for popular choices embraced by divers worldwide:

  • Soft, disposable contact lenses
  • Prescription scuba masks 

Before deciding on vision correction, keep this in mind: water magnifies your vision. Due to refraction, objects underwater appear one-third larger and closer. If your nearsightedness or vision impairment is minor, you might not need contacts or a prescription scuba mask for your dive!


 diver with a school of barracuda in Koh Tao

Scuba Diving With Soft Contact Lenses

Diving with contact lenses offers a vision close to the natural underwater experience. However, there are a few tips to consider before taking the plunge:

1. No hard but Soft contact lenses, please!
Hard contact lenses do not allow gases to pass through, which means they may suction painfully to the eye due to the increased pressure underwater, or may cause blurry vision when air bubbles become trapped between the lens and the eye.

2. Opt for daily disposables 
Monthly lenses can be a pricey loss, and they demand extra attention and cleaning. Daily disposables bring worry-free enjoyment.

3. Always bring spare lenses
It doesn’t matter if you are only going for one dive, take a spare pair with you. The worst thing is jumping in for a dive and losing a contact lens before you even descend.

4. Stay clear of infections
Contact lenses provide a cozy spot for particles and microbes, so it's crucial to be cautious when diving, especially since your mask may flood. Remove and replace your contact lenses as soon as you're out of the water to minimize any risks

5. Clean your Hands
The biggest risk of wearing contact lenses is infection and bacteria entering your eye. If you don’t have access to clean water and soap on the boat, then use hand sanitizer and pour some drinking water over your hands to remove any residue alcohol

6. Inform your dive instructor and keep your eyes closed when performing skills with your mask
When practicing skills like flooding, clearing, and retrieving your mask, keep those peepers closed. Closing your eyes prevents your contact lenses from floating away, minimizes discomfort from saltwater, and reduces the risk of infection.

7. Eye Drops 
Boost your comfort by applying lubricating eye drops designed for contact lenses before and after your dives. This not only washes away saltwater residue but also prevents your eyes from drying out and becoming irritated.


Other Options to Contact Lenses

If wearing contact lenses doesn't feel right for you, there's an easy fix – renting a prescription mask. With few dives under your belt, you will probably buy your own mask for a perfect fit. At Coral Grand Divers, we offer a variety of prescription masks at no additional cost, ensuring an awesome experience for your Koh Tao diving adventure!

Another option some divers go for is using prescription stickers in their masks. You can find these online, but they might not be as sturdy as a mask with properly fitted prescription lenses!


Now you know wearing contact lenses won't spoil the fun of diving in Koh Tao, and if you can't stand lenses, reach out to us, provide your eye prescription, and we'll get you a prescription mask!

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