10 reasons to become an Advanced Open Water diver

10 reasons to become an Advanced Open Water diver


Absolutely fantastic job in becoming an Open Water certified diver and officially joining the big scuba family! Now, the adventure doesn't stop there – many divers go for the Advanced Open Water Course in Koh Tao


Advanced Open Water Diver student in action at Sail Rock, Koh Tao

Here are 10 rad reasons why you should think about taking this next step:

1 - Getting Better with Every Dive:

The Advanced Open Water Course is your chance to level up the skills you gained in Open Water. You learn a ton during your Open Water Diver Course, but without practice, things might slip away. Practicing these skills ensures you remember and perfect them, steering clear of any bad dive habits. Remember, experience is the ultimate teacher, so the more you dive, the better diver you'll evolve into!

2 - Have Fun:

This 2-day course is all about continuous learning and skill enhancement, minus the classroom, confined pool session, Quizzes and exam – just fun-filled adventure dives in Koh Tao!

3 - Learn New Skills:

While Open Water equips you with the basics, the Advanced Open Water Course takes it up a notch. It's all about refining and fine-tuning your diving skills. Get ready to master new techniques, valuable tips, and tricks that will enhance every dive you embark on in the future!

During the Advanced course, you will take two compulsory dives, a Deep dive and an Underwater Navigation dive, plus any three further adventure dives of your choice. For each of the 5 adventure dives that you complete for the course you will have to read the chapter in the PADI Advanced E-Learning and fill out the corresponding knowledge reviews online or offline.


  • ✔️Navigation Dive
  • Master navigating the vast ocean space, ensuring safe travel to and from dive sites and back to the boat or shore.
  • Enhance your dive planning skills, optimizing your time to explore fascinating underwater sights without wasting air searching for the site.


  • ✔️Deep Dive Adventure Dive
  • Unlock a new underwater realm beyond the 18m limit set by your Open Water certification.
  • Encounter diverse marine life and at deeper depths, while addressing safety concerns like increased air consumption and nitrogen narcosis.
  • Gain the skills to navigate these challenges, expanding your dive site options for more enriching experiences with your dive buddies.


  • ✔️Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive
  • Master buoyancy for enhanced control and improved air consumption.
  • Learn streamlined techniques, lung utilization, and focus on swimming, body position, and hovering.


  • ✔️Night Adventure Dive
  • Develop night communication skills, torch handling, and entry/exit techniques.
  • Navigate in the dark, exploring the ocean's nocturnal wonders, including the captivating Bioluminescence.


  • ✔️Wreck Adventure Dive
  • Experience the thrill of exploring shipwrecks, like the HTMS Sattakut Wreck, with safety planning and execution beyond 18 meters.


  • ✔️Underwater Naturalist Adventure Dive
  • Dive deeper into understanding underwater life, symbiotic relationships, ecology, aquatic flora, and animal habitats.


  • ✔️Fish Identification Adventure Dive
  • Learn to identify fish, understand family groups, and recognize specific species.
  • Discuss and practice responsible dive practices to preserve the underwater environment.


  • ✔️Boat Diver
  • Acquire specific knowledge about boat diving, including terminology, exit/entry points, and proper surface marker buoy deployment.


  • ✔️Search & Recovery Adventure Dive
  • Master lift bag usage, object retrieval, knot tying, and underwater search techniques.


  • ✔️Digital Underwater Photography Adventure Dive
  • Learn photography basics, including exposure, focus, and composition.


Advanced Open Water Student at HTMS Sattakut Wreck, Koh Tao

4 - Enhance Your Breathing technique:

Explore the nuances of air consumption and breathing techniques as you master and practice these crucial skills. Gain a deeper understanding of how breathing influences buoyancy, empowering you to exercise greater control.
You will definitely boost your air consumption efficiency, paving the way for extended and more enjoyable dives. Acquire breathing techniques that conserve gas without the discomfort of feeling air-deprived. Utilize controlled breath to manage buoyancy, reducing the frequency of adjustments to your BCD for a smoother underwater experience.

5 - Overcome Fears:

Confront and overcome fears associated with diving, boosting your confidence and empowering you in and out of the water. The course helps you address anxieties and provides tools to manage them effectively. Conquering these fears becomes a gratifying experience, elevating your confidence in your capabilities. This triumph extends beyond the underwater realm, fostering empowerment and self-trust in various aspects of life. Remember; the more you discover, the less there is to fear.

6 - Boost Your Diving Confidence:

Those first post-Open Water dives can be a bit nerve-wracking if self-doubt creeps in. Anxiety often tags along, fueled by worries of the unknown. What if something goes awry, and you're not ready to handle it?
Enter the Advanced Course – your confidence booster! Learn the ropes of safer diving and tackle the stressors head-on. Ongoing training equips you with knowledge, making you feel more in control and prepared.

7 - Taste the Specialties:

Scuba diving is so much more than breathing underwater. The underwater realm offers diverse experiences, and the Advanced Open Water Course is your ticket to sample these specialties. Each dive in Advanced Open Water is a sneak peek into a PADI specialty course. If a specific dive captivates you, taking the plunge into a specialty course is your natural next step toward becoming a diving specialist!


Night Adventure dive in Koh Tao, Thailand

8 - Explore New Depths:

Step beyond the 18m/60ft limit as an Open Water Diver! With strong currents and deeper challenges, some sites remain off-limits. Attaining Advanced Open Water certification elevates your diving capabilities to 30m/100ft, unlocking fresh dive opportunities. Delve into different marine habitats, witness diverse underwater environments, and uncover wrecks at greater depths.

9 - Use More Diving Equipment:

Transition from essential gear knowledge to exploring specialized equipment in Advanced. Enhance your dive experiences by delving into the use of dive lights, Nitrox, lift bags, and a range of other equipment options. Discover how these tools can elevate your underwater adventures and provide a more comprehensive understanding of scuba gear!

10 - Go Pro – It's the Next Step:

If you aspire to become a Professional Diver, the Advanced Open Water Course is a stepping stone toward Rescue Diver, Dive Master, and Instructor training.

Advanced Open Water Student diving with a Whale Shark, Koh Tao.Thailand

Ready for the next adventure? Dive into the Advanced Open Water Course and continue your scuba journey! Get in touch for more details - 

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