Japanese Gardens Dive Site in Koh Tao

Amazing Spot for Diving and Snorkeling.

  • Travel time: 10 minutes
  • Location: East side of Koh Nang Yuan
  • Depth: Max 16m, Min 0m – Average 9m
  • Type of site: Shallow bay
  • Level: All diver levels
  • Conditions: Minimal to no currents
  • Average Visibility: 5-30 meters
Japanese Garden Dive site Map. Koh Tao, Thailand


Breathtakingly beautiful bay

On the stunning island of Koh Nang Yuan, you'll find the breathtakingly beautiful bay known as Japanese Gardens. It sits directly opposite Twins, separated only by the sand bar which joins the two peaks of Koh Nangyuan. This is not only a perfect diving location on Koh Tao, especially welcoming for beginners, but it's also a popular spot for snorkeling!

Japanese gardens' astonishing marine life, Koh Tao


The coral reef and structure.

Japanese Gardens boasts an extraordinary diversity of corals; Brain coral, Lobe corals, Staghorn, Lettuce corals, Table coral, and giant Barrel Sponges are just a few of the coral varieties you'll encounter. Adding to this colorful scenery are the vibrant Christmas Tree Worms, Sea Anemones, and Giant Clams. There's even a section of the reef adorned with Funnel and Mushroom corals.

coral reef teeming with vibrant marine life at Japanese Gardens dive site in Koh Tao


But it's not just corals that make this place special

Japanese Gardens teems with a diverse array of fish species. Keep a keen eye out for Butterfly and Bannerfish, Red-breasted Wrasse, Parrotfish, Rabbit Fish, Sergeant Majors, Damsel fish, Squirrel fish, Fusiliers as well as curious moray eels.

coral reef and Squirrelfishes at Japanese gardens, Koh Tao

Don't forget to be on the lookout for fascinating marine creatures like Cuttlefish, Sand Dollars, Pufferfish, Harlequin Sweetlips, juvenile Batfish, Pufferfish, Harlequin Sweetlips, juvenile Batfish, blue spotted stingrays and the occasional sneaky Banded Sea krait, all contributing to the vibrant marine life of Japanese Gardens!

Giant Pufferfish at Koh Tao, Thailand


Given its size, Japanese Gardens offers plenty to explore over multiple dives. Whether you're diving or snorkeling, you're in for a great experience!


happy young diver in koh tao, Thailand
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