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IDC and MSDT Course


Welcome to Coral Grand’s Instructor Development Program! Once you are an instructor, you are able to work all over the world as a PADI Dive Instructor!


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IDC Course

Our IDC Course will be conducted by our Go Pro Team, with the assistance of the entire full time staff.

Coral Grand Divers offers to all IDC candidates all materials for the preparation and a chance to assist on courses, lead fun dives and practice dive skills prior to the start of the IDC, all this FREE of charge! The Instructor Development Course itself is run over a period of 15 days with plenty of time for thorough knowledge development, extra practice of all skills and lectures on dive theory when needed. 2 out of these days are dedicated for the EFR Instructor Training. We certainly ‘over-teach’ to make sure our candidates are more than prepared for the course!

At Coral Grand Divers we focus on real life training, not just how to pass the Instructor Exam. We try to create only the best instructors here, and we mean that. You will learn how to best teach in a variety or environments and situations.

Our Go Pro Team is:

Bob Murphy, Course Director
Will Ragsdale, PADI Staff Instructor
Mitch Rodgers: PADI MSDT

We are focused on creating high quality PADI instructors. Not only do we want a reputation for excellence, we also would ideally like our own candidates to work for us!

After completion of the IDC, you will move on to your Instructor Examination (IE). This is a two day affair where you will be tested on your academic presentations, swimming pool and open water sessions, and your knowledge of dive theory and PADI standards.

Prerequisites for participating in the IDC Program:
You must be a PADI Divemaster (or an equivalent certification from another organization)
You must be EFR Student level within two years.
You must be over the age of 18 with a valid medical clearance.

MSDT and Internship Program:

Once you have successfully completed the IDC you are ready for the MSDT + Internship program that will qualify you to teach 5 specialities and will allow you to certify 25 students under the supervision of our senior instructors. Achieving the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) rating will enhance your skills and experience, allow you to teach a wide variety of courses and definitely make you a more employable PADI Diving Instructor. Many shops require you to be an MSDT in order to hire you full time.

Here at Coral Grand Divers, we do try to teach a wide variety of courses. The most popular specialty courses taught are the Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, and Enriched Air (Nitrox). A MSDT instructor may teach these if they have been trained to do so, and these ratings go a long way in your value toward employers. Plus, they are a whole lot of fun to teach!

Other specialties you could potentially teach as an MSDT include Search and Recovery, Night Diver, Underwater Navigator, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, or even Digital Underwater Photography!

Pricing and Fees:
We would like you to be aware of the fees for this course. You will need to pay the following:

-IDC Course Cost -EFR Instructor Course Cost -PADI Instructor Crew Pack (all of your textbooks and instructor materials necessary for all candidates) -PADI MSDT & Internship Course Cost (if you choose to do so)

You will need to take the Instructor Examination and pay the necessary fees:

-I.E. Testing costs (Paid directly to PADI)
-PADI Instructor Application Fee (paid directly to PADI)

Finally you will need to pay an application fee to PADI to become an OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) as well as a fee for any specialties you’d like to teach.

Prices & Fees:
Please find below the prices for all your courses up to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer:

Koh Tao Dive Courses

Besides the training you also need to get your PADI materials and dive equipment. Please note that the use of our BCDs, Regulators and shorty wetsuits are included in the price during your training. However, we strongly recommend to buy at least your own dive computer for extra safety and a mask, fins/booties for more comfort. Also, in order to work, you will need your own equipment.

-PADI IDC and EFRi Crewpack: 20,500 THB

You need to then add on top of these prices the PADI fee for every application, which will be paid via credit card directly to PADI Asia & Pacific:

-PADI Instructor Examination fee: AUD 865
-PADI Instructor application fee: AUD 273
-PADI EFR Instructor application fee: AUD 189

PADI Specialty application fee: AUD 108 x 5 ( 1 free of charge if booked together with IDC) MSDT Application fee: AUD 147 (FREE of charge if booked together with IDC)

Work opportunities:

We can not guarantee a full time position the day you finish either the IDC program. However if there's an opening we would rather hire one of our own candidates that demonstrated passion, enthusiasm, good peoples skills and exemplary attitude, than someone from another school. Openings for employment can be for all our dive centers or our live aboard, the Deep Andaman Queen. For all new instructors that decide to go ahead with the MSDT + Internship program we can guarantee work as a freelancing instructor (work will vary depending on customer flow).

If you have any questions about VISA issues, accommodation, food, or in general living and working on the island, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! All of our instructors have been through this process before and have lots of advice to give.

Thank you very much and we look forward to having you at Coral Grand Divers for your Instructor Development Course and beyond!

Koh Tao Dive Courses
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