Scuba Diving in Thailand

Coral Grand Divers propose diving for every level of scuba divers. You can start with a Discovery dive if you have never tried diving. Once you have confirmed your interest in scuba diving and are ready to learn the fundamentals skills, you can apply for the PADI's Open Water course. Once having your Open Water license, you can access Fun dives and dive as deep as 18 meters. To deepen your experience, you can learn some of PADI's specialties. Nitrox specialty allows longer dives, Night dives are a unique experience to have once in a lifetime, and Wreck divings are some specialties available in Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Koh Lipe.

For experienced divers, the PADI Rescue Diver course is a great way to access a new level of qualification. It will change the way you dive‚ for the better. During the Rescue diver program, you will learn how to identify and resolve minor incidents before they become big problems. You'll gain a lot of self-confidence while having great fun throughout the course.

Kids can also dive! Starting from 8 years old, the bubble maker program is a light and fun introduction to the pleasure of breathing underwater. The PADI Seal Team is an in-pool program where young divers are looking for action-packed, entertaining, complete exciting Aqua-Missions. The experience acquired during the Seal Team can count toward the PADI Junior Open Water course. The PADI Junior Open Water diving course is available for kids from 10 years old. This program covers the same information and skills as the Open Water Diver course, so the Junior license can upgrade to the regular Open Water license once the kids turn 15.

All PADI course contents are available in print or online through the PADI eLearning Courses.

Freediving is a unique diving experience. Within just a few days, you can drastically increase your time underwater without breathing. Freedivers will tell you this is the best way to experience marine life. Try freediving yourself and tell us what you prefer between Freediving, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving.

Snorkeling tours are also available for those who want to discover amazing Thailand's marine life in a single day.

Become a PADI PRO

Becoming a professional diver is one of the most exciting choices you can make in your personal life. You need the proper training and support to grow as a professional and as a person.

Coral Grand Divers offers the unique opportunity to become a highly qualified professional diver. Our top-level PADI instructor Jean-Michel Pelissier can teach the highest level of PADI ranking. From the Divemaster qualification, the Open Water Scuba Instructor, to the Master Scuba Diver Trainers certification, including numerous PADI specialties.

Our diving school is the ideal place for learning, with a dedicated diving classroom and pool to learn the theory and practice in a safe environment.

The Divemaster (or "DM") qualification is the first step of the Pro ladder. To become a Divemaster, you need to take the PADI Divemaster course and have passed a few other milestones: you need 40 logged dives before you can start the course, and qualify, you need to have at least 60. Once qualified as a Divemaster, you can guide certified divers on "fun dives" and help instructors train new divers.

To become an Open Water Scuba Instructor (or "OWSI"), you must have the Divemaster qualification and have completed at least 100 dives. Instructor qualification involves completing the Instructor Development Course (IDC) and passing the Instructor Examination (IE). Coral Grand Divers is one of the few diving schools offering an IDC preparatory course.

Most instructors become Master Scuba Diver Trainers, or "MSDT." There is no course or exam for this, but you must complete several steps before qualifying. You will need to have certified at least 25 PADI divers and the ability to teach five specialties, so you will need to pass the requirements of five PADI Specialty Instructor courses. An MSDT internship is an ideal way to do this and gain experience while teaching enough students to earn this level of certification.

As divers look to the Divemaster, instructor candidates respect IDC Staff Instructors. As the name suggests, these assist with Instructor training and share their wisdom and experience with new PADI Leaders. The IDC Staff Instructor course gives you in-depth knowledge of the instructor training process and prepares you to shape the new generation of PADI professionals. It's also a great career choice.

Check out our PADI Go Pro packages to become a PADI pro from zero to heros!

Find out your Dive Gear!

Choose your diving equipment and maintain it properly. Coral Grand Divers is a diving gear shop with a team of more than 10 years of experience. A team composed of certified diving instructors. With the desire to distribute the most prominent brands of diving equipment close to us: Apeks, Aqualung, Aquasphere, Garmin, Omersub, PSI Prodive, Sea & Sea, Sealife, Spare Air, Surface Marker, XDeep, Shearwater.

Diving gears are essential to scuba divers. The scuba mask is the first diving gear most diver starts with. It might be frustrating not to enjoy a dive fully because the diving mask is not adapted to his face. So you better have your own. You can use your diving mask for snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving. A snorkel helps you breathe while swimming at the water's surface. Diving fins are essential to moving underwater quickly. Open-heel fins are heavier and suit most diving types. Full-foot fins, usually lighter, will be better in non or light-current waters.

A wetsuit isolates you underwater from external irritating marine life and keeps you warm. Scuba tanks or scuba diving cylinders contain highly pressurized air delivered to you through the diving regulator. The diving regulator is designed to provide the proper air quantity depending on the depth. Buoyancy compensator devices (or "BCD") help you to carry the diving tank(s). Once underwater, the BCD enables you to stabilize your position. A Diving Computer is a complex watch designed to provide all the information the scuba diver needs. It keeps the diver safe by monitoring the dive depth and time.

Moreover, the diving computer alerts the diver when he reaches a limit. An underwater camera is a real plus to keep memorable memories of your dives. Especially in Thailand's turquoise seas, you can immortalize the prolific marine life.

Do you need guidance to know what diving equipment you need?

The Coral Grand Divers team gives you all the advice to choose your equipment according to your needs and level. We can also provide good practices for maintaining your diving equipment and extending its lifespan.


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